About Us

PatientMD: A Physician-Led Movement

A trusted mobile platform for Information sharing and healthcare services. PatientMD digital tools allow the patient to receive the most cost-efficient healthcare services from their doctors.

PatientMD mobile platform lays the foundation for transforming healthcare using Blockchain Technology, Genomics, and Machine Learning AI. We help to transform healthcare into personalized services focused directly on you.

Our Mission
To promote a state-of-the-art mobile and web platform globally to improve the health and healthcare of patients worldwide via Information Sharing and provide a multitude of healthcare services cost-effectively.
Our Vision
PatientMD's vision is focused on three objectives:
  • Transforming healthcare to a truly patient-centered and patient-empowered industry.
  • Providing a competitive marketplace to control the rising cost of healthcare.
  • Strengthening the Patient and Doctor relationship.

Why Choose Us?

Patients get all the convenient services to improve their health. Doctors can attract more patients to their practice. Businesses get the marketing of services to their customers, patients, and doctors.

Worried about health data security? Get over the traditional EHRs and store your health records with our unique blockchain database where you get to manage access controls. Rest assured your data will be secured with our blockchain solutions.
What can your gene tell about your health? Do you have any hereditary risks? PatientMD will help you understand your genetic risks so that you can take an informed decision and get a personalized healthcare plan.
Artificial Intelligence
Do you have a possibility of skin cancer? PatientMD top-notch Artificial Intelligence framework to make best possible skin cancer prediction from the comfort of your home.
Tired of maintaining separate reports for all your health data? Integrate your fitness data from your fitness wearables into your health records for a better picture of your health to get personalized healthcare from your provider.
Letter from CEO


As a fellow colleague and an orthopedic surgeon in private practice with the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute and a board member of The Independent Physician Association of America (TIPAAA), my colleagues and I have witnessed many changes in our industry while facing fierce competition from our hospitals and health systems.

At PatientMD, we believe it is time for physicians to work together and form a national physician network for independent physicians whose objective is to improve the patient experience, provide a strategy and the services to support the growth of private practices, reduce physician burnout rate, and preserves the patient/doctor relationship.

With the use of smart technologies, we are able to conduct complex transactions in an efficient, secure, private, and trusted fashion with the ability to reward and incentivize patients and doctors to deliver the highest cost-efficient care to their patients. This platform allowed us to achieve our vision for PatientMD.

Our reliable team at PatientMD focused on innovation and a mission to uphold the highest standards of care and improve patient outcomes throughout the healthcare experience.

Christ Pavlatos (MD, MBA)
Founder and CEO of PatientMD

Our Team
Christ Pavlatos
Christ Pavlatos MD, MBAFounder and CEO of PatientMD
Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery, Partner at Illinois Bone & Joint Institute- the largest private practice medical group in Illinois, MBA from Northwestern Kellogg, Board Member of the Independent Physicians Association Of America.
Anirban Majumdar MS, MBAPresident and Co-Founder - PatientMD
Graduate of IIT Kharagpur, MS in Computer Science from the University of Alabama, MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. 20+ years of leadership experience at Oracle and BEA Systems. Full-Time at PatientMD
Michael Pavlatos MBA, CPACFO - PatientMD
MBA from the University of Chicago. Over 30 years experience in corporate accounting with major corporations including Bell and Howell, Motorola, and First National Bank of Chicago.