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For Physicians In Private Practice And Healthcare Businesses

We are focused on growing your business by engaging patients with your business, marketing your services to increase utilization, and improving the patient's experience resulting in your ability to maximize revenue and improve your ROI.

Intuitive, Easy-to-use, Comprehensive, And Affordable Patient Engagement Platform

List of services we provide to engage patients with your business:

  • Online Scheduling
  • Marketplace
  • Telemedicine
  • Educational Videos
  • News
  • PatientMD Community

Make It Convenient For Patients To Book Appointments And Reduce Wait Times

Manage your online schedule at any time in a simple and efficient way while integrating with your offline scheduling system.

You Can Attract More Patients With Powerful And Simple Ways
Virtual Visits Can Be A Valuable Tool For Patients
Engaging And Educating Patients About The Services You Provide
Jumpstart Your Marketing Strategy With Blogs
List Your Services for Patients to Purchase

List Your Services on Your Marketplace And Attract More Patients

Receive monthly analytics on deals from all your locations to maximize revenue.

Boost Your Online Reputation With Our Services
Integrated Mobile Responsive Website Development To Reinforce Your Brand
Promote Your Services through Your Website With Digital Marketing
Reputation Management And Market Intelligence

Learn How To Improve Your Workflow And Automate Business Processes To Improve The Patient Experience

  • Adjust your schedule at any location.
  • E-Fax and manage your documents easily
  • Gather and share medical records through the patient's PHR.

Keep Your Patients Updated With The Latest Happenings And Achievements In The Healthcare Industry

  • View news on the latest trends, medical services, and procedures in the industry.
  • Attract new and existing patients to your website with Healthcare News.
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When You Have No Cartilage in Your Knee

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