Help your patients with insurance payments by choosing your associated payors and health plans

  • Currently there are 294.6M people in US who have health insurance
  • Number of people in US without Health insurance declined from 48.6M in 2010 to 29.3M in 2017
  • 51% of US population have a favorable opinion of the ACA as of Jan 2019
  • Life insurance is considered to be the most important insurance benefit for US employees
  • 35% of customers already share their data with their health insurer
Listed payors
Add the mayors you are associated with, in your payor list. This is help your patients to easily choose the insurance they wish to proceed with. Once you add the payor, select the plans you support and save it to your payor list. Did not find your payor in the search? Click on other payor and request for addition of the payor. Our team will verify and add the same. Once added, you will get notified and you can proceed as usual.
Enlist Request
Check out if there is any request from customers/ patients to add any particular payor. Add the payor if you want to and we shall approve your request after our review process.

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