Managing Patient Expectations is the key for Dermatology

Just ask Mary

Mary had heard that it may take several weeks or months until she was able to see a dermatologist for here acne and possibly some elective facial injections that her friends recommended. But not only that, she was unsure as to which dermatologist she would select to see.

After a Google and Bing search, Mary came across North Wales Dermatology which showed up high on here search results. Her confidence in her decision was supported by the positive reviews that accompanied her search results. Her dermatologist had a great online reputation!

When Mary visited their website, she found it very current and comprehensive. It was on the website that she was able to schedule her appointment online for a day and time that suit her busy schedule. And, the office was able to see her that same week after a cancellation. The practice even offered Telehealth or “Video Visits” for both initial consultations as well as for aftercare and ongoing issues with her skin.

After scheduling, Mary saw the special offer that she had never considered or were discussed by her friends. The online Marketplace had special deals on facial injectables such as Botox, Juvederm Voluma, Sculptra, Kybella, Restylane and other dermal fillers.

Just a few days later, Mary was sent an appointment reminder through a customized text, email and phone message. Once she arrived for her appointment, Mary was able to quickly get in and see a nurse practitioner since her medical forms had all been filled out online prior to her visit. Even her insurance was verified and ready to go.

After her exam, Mary’s treatment plan was simple, but the medications and products were expensive. All of this was documented in her Personal Health Record (PHR) and the office’s Electronic Health Record system (EHR). And, once again, the online marketplace came through with very reasonable prices on several procedures and products for her skin needs. In addition, the practice offered online educational videos on the pros and cons of facial injectables. Now she was equipped with the information needed should she decide to move ahead with some elective procedures. And when she was not sure of what may be best for her, a quick and clear Video Visit with the NP helped her narrow her choices.

Mary is now a regular client at North Wales Dermatology and enjoys her return visits for screening and adjustments to her medications for her (now disappearing!) acne.