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About Us

As a physician-led technology company, our focus at PatientMD™ lies in growing your practice and improving profitability with a solid return on your investment. With doctors facing fierce competition, it is critical to run our practices as a business to maintain growth and profitability. In this modern era, technology will play an important role.

Our Innovative Approach
At PatientMD™, we use a data analytic approach for growing your practice, engaging with your existing patients to avoid practice leakage and improving overall office efficiency to enrich the patient experience. We are focused on delivering a solid ROI on your marketing investments through the use of our platform’s unique micro-targeting algorithms, search engine optimization techniques and social media management campaigns.
Our Belief

At PatientMD™, we believe the private practice of medicine is extremely important to the healthcare industry.

In order to grow, medical practices will need to be able to compete in three key areas: Patient Engagement, Cost of Care, and Care Coordination. Given the proper tools, we believe physicians can compete and grow their practices. PatientMD’s platform provides medical practices, comprehensive and fully integrated Patient Engagement solutions with top marketing services to promote the greater value in your services over the high-cost services from your competitors. With our focus and ability to form a community of private practices, you will be able to share patient information and communicate with your colleagues to effectively coordinate patient care. We believe this will lead to a resurgence in the private practice of medicine.

PatientMD’s approach towards growing your practice
Expand the reach of your practice and attract new patients utilizing PatientMD's unique data-driven micro targeting and digital marketing techniques.
Increase both patient engagement and the patient experience with new and existing patients for superior practice growth.
Maximize your office efficiency to further enrich the patient experience while saving your practice time and money.
Digital Marketing for Your Practice
Once the unique qualities of your practice are understood, PatientMD team develops a comprehensive marketing plan that includes rigorous keyword research, competitive market analysis, and targeted advertising to ensure a consistently high rank with search engines.
Our Approach: The PatientMD Way

Mobile responsive custom website

It is available on any device and will allow you to transform your practice into a unique brand and stand out from the competition.

Gain Visibility

Getting found easily online is imperative to growing your practice. At PatientMD, we strive to bring your practice in the top five rankings on search engines for your name, specialty, and services you wish to promote.

Recruit New patients

PatientMD focuses on attracting a minimum of 20-30 patients per month to your practice through various marketing channels using our data-driven approach.

Continuous Follow-ups

Staying connected with your existing patients is just as important as recruiting new ones. Studies show that it is 7x more expensive to recruit a new patient than retaining as existing one.

Reputation Management

We provide a robust algorithm that rapidly flags negative reviews allowing for rapid resolution.


Posting patient-focused content can attract a larger audience and drive the success of your practice. PatientMD houses a host of content writers who focus on creating original and relevant healthcare content like newsletters, ebooks, and more to increase patient engagement.


PatientMD provides a digital platform for Practices to host webinars to reach viewers anywhere. We organize the event and broadcast it to different social media platforms to get more engagement for your content.

Website Traffic

PatientMD technology platform focuses to increase traffic to your webiste 20%-30% each month.

Ranking of Keywords

PatientMD enhances the ranking of your practice website on popular search engines to attract new patients.

Progress Report

PatientMD provides and analyzes monthly website traffic reports for data-driven marketing.

B2C Marketing

With the use of PatientMD's micro-targeting techniques, we focus on the right patients for your practice, with the right message at the right time.
PatientMD’s HIPAA compliant Patient Engagement platform

Scheduled and On-Demand Telemedicine

Fully Integrated Online Clinic, Telemedicine and House Call Scheduling that is interoperable with your EHR.

Your Personal Marketplace

Digital Marketing and Reputation Management Services


Being an Internist, at times it becomes tough to manage both telemedicine as well as clinic appointments together, but with the help of "PatientMD Appointment Scheduler", I can manage both well. I am quite satisfied with their services and would recommend PatientMD to all my fellow physicians.

Dr. Pranav PatelMD, Palos Medical Care SC, Illinois, USA

At times it becomes tough to manage both telemedicine as well as clinic appointments together, but with the help of "PatientMD Appointment Scheduler", I can manage both well.

Dr. Sudarsana ChakrabartiMD, Suburban Wellness SC, Illinois, USA

I am quite satisfied with their services and would recommend PatientMD to all my fellow physicians.

Dr. Adil ManzoorDO, Mobile Medicine New Jersey, USA
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Delivering quality care to communities where dermatologists are scarce makes you stand out from the crowd.

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Of the patient, by the patient, for the patient

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John is a 55-year-old man who was neglecting a few issues which he was reluctant to share with anybody. The problems included frequent urination at night, burning sensation while urinating, and presence of blood in the urine...

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Providing Quality Care With Limited Resources is Among the Core Challenges in Pediatrics

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Becky, 44, working as a nutrition assistant observed sudden changes in her health. Of late she started feeling extremely fatigued barely working for 8 hours a day...

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