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Appointments Consolidated

It brings together all your appointment types as per scheduled date and time. Also, provide you to review appointment status at a later date.

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Electronic Health Record

View and share health records securely with patient, reduce medical error and save time.

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Telemedicine Consulting

Expand your services and consults to current and new patients without the need for an office visit and improve your revenue stream.

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Grow your practice by posting attractive healthcare packages on our marketplace and promote your services effectively.

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Healthcare Tourism
With Healthcare Tourism growing, expand your services and your reputation beyond your current market by allowing PatientMD to promote your expertise and services globally.
Genomics Services
Our genomics tests help in identifying your patients' risks of inheritable diseases thereby opening the door for precision medicine and personalized healthcare.
Playing phone tag with your patients regarding test results? Message securely with your patients using text, audio or video messages and leave a message explaining the test results and avoid repetitive phone calls.
Participate in conversations and share your knowledge and expertise with patients, doctors and the business community on multiple topics of interest to you in our local circle.
Educational Videos
Post a video in the PatientMD community and market your knowledge and expertise. Incentivize your patients with tokens for viewing your video and grow your practice.
Referral Management
View your patient referrals and be notified on a referral that took place with the records available. Also follow up with your patients for referrals that did not take place.
Doctor Network
A doctor-only community connecting you with doctors in your specialty and doctors interested in the same topics for you to share your knowledge, experiences and seek opinions from your colleagues on treatment recommendation for difficult medical conditions.
Help Our Patients
View and answer questions submitted by patients and display your knowledge and expertise which will assist you in marketing and building your practice.
A convenient, secure and cost-effective way of faxing documents anywhere and at any time from your phone.

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