Corporate Partnership with organizations sharing similar goals

We share the same mission as National Association for Trusted Exchange (NATE), i.e addressing the legal, policy and technical barriers that inhibit health information exchange between data holders and healthcare consumers

The Health Record Banking Alliance was founded in 2006 by William A. Yasnoff, MD, PhD, FACMI, together we aim in increasing public awareness of personal health records and promoting companies that offer products and services in the personal health record space.

The Mission of DirectTrust and PatientMD is to support health information exchange that is secure, interoperable, affordable, ubiquitous and usable by diverse end-users.

PatientMD like GBC focuses on leading all blockchain pertinent activities on a single, well-equipped platform.

Our combined expertise, along with a diverse membership, leverages the insights of clinicians, patients, government agencies and industry experts to improve patient care.

Care Providers Network
  • Apollo Hospitals
  • Desun Hospital
  • Belle Vue Hospital
  • Amri Hospitals