Manage complete healthcare for you and YOUR FAMILY

Value-based Healthcare at your Fingertips
Manage your care coordination

Manage your healthcare by sharing your information securely while avoiding redundant tests and reducing medical errors.

Receive personalized Healthcare

With our advanced genetic testing and your clinical data, we provide precise information for your personalized treatment!

Reduce your healthcare costs

Search for value in our marketplace. Spend only for value with our healthcare. Experience price and quality transparency!

It s so easy to book
Appointment Scheduling and Reminders
Schedule Clinic and Telemedicine appointments with doctors of your choice at your convenience and receive text reminders for the scheduled appointments.
You can view a consenting patient s record
Personal Health Record
Reduce duplication of test and medical errors by bringing all your health information at one place with complete control of your data.
Remote delivery of healthcare services
Receive a medical consult and share your reports anytime anywhere with doctors of your choice.
With prescription medications hand delivered
Medication Delivery
Need prescribed medicines but can’t make it to your pharmacy? Use our delivery service to maintain your medication treatment schedule.
Healthcare Community Network
Connecting patients with doctors on topics of interest.
Educational Videos
Provided by doctors, hospitals and business community.
Ask our Doctors
Submit questions to the PatientMD doctor community.
Providing health news from leading institutions.
Advanced Healthcare Services
Genomics Services
Our genomics tests help in identifying your patients' risks of inheritable diseases thereby opening the door for precision medicine and personalized healthcare.
Virtual Dermatoscopy
Take a photo of a mole or skin lesion providing information on the likelihood for cancer and then conduct a Telemedicine consult with a Dermatologist and share the image to determine the best course of treatment.
Healthcare Tourism
Who does not want a serene place to rejuvenate after medical treatment? We provide you with an opportunity to recover at the destination of your choice.

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