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India witnessed 25% growth in medical tourist arrivals in 2017

  • With measures such as online visas, the extension of stays and no waiting time for foreign patients, medical tourism in India has become patient-friendly.
  • Patients from Bangladesh, Africa and middle east visit India due to lack of facilities and specialists in their home countries.
  • Medical tourists typically seek joint replacement surgeries, heart, liver and bone marrow transplants, spine and brain surgeries, cancer and kidney treatments, and IVF.
  • At PatientMD, we provide the best-in-class treatments from reputed providers taking care of the complete airport to airport process.
How it Works!
Register and upload health documents in PHR
  • Register
  • Upload medical records in PHR
  • Choose a package . If no package found, write a note
  • Additional notes and Send an enquiry
Consult of treatment and travel option
  • Talk to Case manager assigned
  • Do a teleconference call with local, remote doctor and case manager and other family member
  • Approve the itinerary and pay for it
Receive treatment, rejuvenate and follow up
  • Reconnect with case manager before treatment starts
  • After treatment, coordinate with case manager for recovery site
  • Travel back home and connect back with case manager for followup
Best-in-class treatments and surgeries
India has become a hub for medical tourism due to its excellent medical treatment provided by its skilled doctors. Also, the cost of medical treatments is far less as compared to European and American countries. At PatientMD we provide treatments from top-notch hospitals with zero waiting time making the best experience for you and your acquaintances.
Explore the Incredible India!
Who does not want a serene place to rejuvenate after medical treatment? Whether you want to relax in the lap of mountains or on beach sides, enjoy the nature and wildlife or visit the heritage and pilgrimages, we provide you with an opportunity to recover at the destination of your choice. You can indulge in Ayurveda, Naturopathy or Yoga as well if you desire so.
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