Appointment Scheduling and Reminders
Schedule Clinic and Telemedicine appointments with doctors of your choice at your convenience and receive text reminders for the scheduled appointments.
Personal Health Record
Eliminate filling forms with every provider, reduce duplication of test and medical errors by bringing all your health information securely in one place under your control to share with your providers.
Receive a face-time like medical consult and share your health records anytime and anywhere with doctors of your choice.
Healthcare Tourism
Your search for healthcare services across the world ends here with our best-in-class healthcare tourism.
Valuable Healthcare
Education PLATFORM
Learn from videos from doctors, hospitals and the business community on topics of your interest and get an opportunity to earn tokens.
Genomics Services
Our genomics tests helps in identifying your risks of inheritable diseases which opens the door for your doctors to provide you precision medicine and personalized healthcare services.
Virtual Dermatoscopy
Take a photo of a mole or skin lesion providing information on the likely hood for cancer. Then conduct a Telemedicine consult with a Dermatologist and share the image to determine the best course of treatment.
Conduct secure messaging, receive video messaging from your doctor explaining your test results that is available for you to view anytime and as often as you like.
Receive healthcare news from leading medical institutions, on topics of interest to you or the latest healthcare news from around the world
In our Local Circle, view conversations on multiple topics and join patients and doctors in a conversation who are sharing their knowledge and experiences
Ask our Doctors
Do you have a question for a doctor? Post a question, anonymously, to doctors from any specialty in the PatientMD community and receive an answer
Help Our Patients
Assign the doctors involved in the care of your medical conditions and have the doctor’s records listed in chronological order for each condition to improve communications amongst all your doctors and reduce medical errors.
  • The first and most effective reward program in healthcare using Patient Tokens.
  • Earn Patient Tokens as a reward or incentive for performing recommended preventative and wellness services and making value based purchases.
  • Each patient will receive a Patient Token for accessing and controlling your records while providing you the ability to monetize your own records by participating in academic research and clinical trials.
Medication Delivery
Need a prescription filled or refilled but can’t make it to your pharmacy? Use our delivery service to maintain your medication treatment schedule.
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